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In Australia,we follow both British and U.S systems and traditions, and a few we have created all by ourselves. Of course,we make the necessary changes so that they become what we consider workable within our society. This is well highlighted … Continue reading

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The Good, The Bad & The Evil.

When does a child stop being that innocent little angel we love and adore so much? Honestly I believe that once they have the ability to move independent of the parent that innocents heads for the door and keeps going … Continue reading

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What The…..

Is it just me or is everyone in Australia being taken for a ride by the supermarkets? They are so busy trying to build their corporate empires I don’t even think they know what their doing to the average family … Continue reading

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In The Beginning.

In the beginning there was nothing. Or was there? Of course if you believe god is great and controls everything, but has still given man Or woman, the ability of free will, then it’s correct there was nothing. The real … Continue reading

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